January 9, 2016 - No Comments!

Handling Design Reviews When a Decision Maker Isn’t There

I recently came across a fantastic article about why it’s so important for decision makers on a project to be present during project meetings and design reviews. The author of that article relives some of his past difficulties in tracking down decision makers and offers the stern advice to cancel a project review if the decision maker can’t make that meeting.

While reading through the article (which was funny, so you should read it), I was reminded of my own project experiences in which a decision maker wasn’t brought in at the right time. Whether you’re in-house or working at an agency, you’ve probably experienced this problem and felt the impacts on the project.

I’d love to know: What things have you done to help mitigate the effects of decision makers not being in the right meetings at the right time?

May 21, 2015 - No Comments!

Enchanting Users’ Faces Off

Along my journey to becoming a better UI/UX designer, I was introduced to the (what I would soon discover to be) crazy world of mobile app design. Getting to know the design guidelines for the different platforms resulted in a sad realization that software teams oftentimes put too much emphasis on the features list and not enough on the delight that those features could bring users.

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April 23, 2015 - No Comments!

6 Weeks into Becoming a Better UX/UI Designer

This week marked the halfway point of my time in Bloc.io's UX/UI Design program. At the beginning of this thing, for some crazy reason I had it in my head that I'd be able to give a week-by-week replay of my journey to becoming a better UI designer. I sorely underestimated not only the work that's required of any full-time student but also the sheer volume of new things I'd cram into my brain. Here's some of what I remember of my first 6 weeks transitioning from just a plain ol' UXer to a more well-rounded software creator. Read more

March 13, 2015 - 1 comment.

I Quit My Job to Become a Unicorn

I've been working in the UX field for almost 8 years now. Over the past three or four years, I've gotten deep into the SaaS world. Less than a year after starting to work at a educational technology (edtech) startup, I'm leaving my job to go back to school....to learn how to become a "unicorn." I'm hoping that my story will inspire others to take a leap of faith to follow their gut (at the very least, you'll know why I left my job).

image of a unicorn

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